Monday, 10 March 2014

Hey there, Monday?

Betty is skeptical of Monday.

All day yesterday, I kept thinking it was Monday. I was at work, therefore it was the beginning of the work week. This confusion of what day it was occurred several times. I'm glad it's finally Monday and I haven't yet, felt like it was Tuesday.

This weekend I went to Bubbledogs. I had a Reuben 100% beef hot dog with bubbles. Life is good.

In other unimportant, uninteresting news; I've joined Twitter! I like having new things to play with, however, I'm starting to feel like the old people (hi parents!) I would make fun of when they couldn't figure out how to stop the flashing 12:00 on the VCR. I don't know why it took me quite so long to do so. I never really understood it, still don't but what the heck?  Feel free to follow me or twitter me or whatever the cool lingo would be at @ErinOutandAbout.

Now, on with procrastinating starting another Monday. For all my friends and family back in NA who lost an hour over the weekend, this probably won't help with your productivity or lack of sleep. Happy Monday!

Dogs are just great.

12 lifestyle factors that make you feel depressed.

International Women's Day was on Saturday.

You might have lost me at "grind it yourself" but this does sound delicious.

Makes me giggle

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