Thursday, 19 February 2015

Toronto Tea Festival

Elevenses, high tea, low tea, afternoon tea, tea time, a quick cuppa, the soothing leaf, black tea, green tea, white tea, Oolong, Darjeeling, Assam. I love it all. So what a better way to spend a cold afternoon than at the 3rd annual Toronto Tea Festival that took place at the Toronto Public Reference Library.

The tickets were a reasonable $13 and change (early bird) for one day admission, so I grabbed my tea drinking buddy and headed into the city to sampled everything we could get our hands on.

This short series I've entitled, 'Spot them on paper, see them in real life'. Catchy ain't it?

In addition to many fruit teas, matcha, tea infused foods and facial products there were other goings on at the event. We first took in the tea talk "Tea 101", it seemed like a great place to start. In the short 40 minute talk was quite informative given by a professional tea taster (I KNOW, RIGHT?)

As the legend goes, and I love a good legend, Chinese Emperor Shen Nong was outside enjoying a mug of hot water, as you do, when a leaf from his tea plant fell into his cup. When he drank the resulting beverage he felt the shining, healing effects and tea was born. Isn't that lovely? Bullocks, but lovely.

Throughout the day there were tea ceremonies from Korea (pictured here), Japan, and China. I loved watching the Korean tea ceremony, it was like watching an delicate dance.

Isn't that dude's coat excellent?

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  1. I'd go to that!

  2. Yum! There is a great place in Kensington that I love for tea!

  3. There's always next year!

  4. Delicious! Which flavour was your favourite?

  5. I'm always a fan of fruit teas so I tried a lot of those, but who am I kidding, my favourite thing from the event were the tiny shortbread. So many flavours, so many samples to try.

  6. I'd like to take you out for some tea! And then real drinks x

  7. I'll have a gun and tonic please.

  8. Ugh! Gin! Gin and tonic. 🔫


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