Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2018 Best Bits

In 2015 I blogged a personal list about my favourite bits that took place over the course of the year. It's a nice little reminder for me of how my year went IRL and on the blog. This year is no different and here is my 2018 best bits (if you're interested here is 20172016 and 2015).

Most popular Instagram photo:
Surprisingly my most popular post was from my winterlicious dessert at the Royal York in Toronto. It was part of a terrible date, but lovely sorbet nonetheless.

Favourite Moment:
Not a specific moment but my favourite thing to have happened in 2018 was all the cat sitting I did. It was a gig I fell into this past year, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Staying in Toronto, imagining I could afford to live in the places I was living and spending time with sweet little kitties.

Most popular blog post:
Blogging kinda fell by the wayside this past year, especially these past few months.
Did you notice?
I know my mum did, when she saw me open up a draft page over the Christmas holidays she excitedly asked, "are you writing a post?!" She's my biggest fan.
So although there was a limited number of posts, I was well pleased to see my 6 Must do walks of London as my most popular post of 2018. Check it out, it's a good one!

Favourite trip:
I only took the one trip this year, but honestly, it was great! Reconnecting with a good friend and exploring a new place, San Antonio, Texas. We obviously went to The Alamo and did the Riverwalk, but I loved our day trips to towns outside of San Antonio. Catching a band at the Gueren Hall, a pint in the German hall in New Braunfels, it really whetted my apatite to head back again and explore more of the Hill Country.

Best meal:
Getting in right under the wire, Christmas dinner on Boxing Day in Montreal. It wasn't the food so much as it was the company and atmosphere. I was feeling a bit blah this year, until we arrived at my aunt and uncle's place. As the noise and activity grew in the familiar home so did my Christmas spirit.

Happiest moment:
Is it terrible that I had a hard time identifying my happiest moment of 2018. Looking back at the year, there were some great moments (and some not so great) and I'm not in the same spot I started out in this time last year, which is all kinds of great. I have a new job that I enjoy, my own apartment with a balcony, and a new town to explore.

Saddest moment:
Leaving Black Creek Pioneer Village after working there for 4 years. I do wish it could have provided me with a sustainable income, because quite honestly where else do you get to dress up in a pretty dress, frolic with livestock, interact with the public and make things with your hands for work? I already miss this place, but I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work here, I learned some great things and made some great friends which I hold dear.

What were your best bits of 2018?

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