Monday, 7 January 2019

2018 Thank you, next!

2018 was a year. 
This year's theme is routine.

Along with setting my theme for the year I like to recap the past 365 days with a look through my instagram and pull out some of my favourite moments from each month.

January The year started off with a wonderful visit from my former doing-things friend from Europe, and we did all the things in Toronto. (Hope I get to see her again here soon)
February was a good month as I got to take a quick trip to San Antonio, Tx and visit with another good friend of mine
March went to see the Toronto Zoo to see the last of the Panda bears (it only took me 5 years) before they were packed up and sent to Calgary to continue their Canadian tour
April meant a new venture, cat-sitting! This month was a funny period and was the catalyst (excuse the pun) for what was to come later in the year.
May, I found myself in search of the Sakura blossoms, these were in Mississauga's Kariya Park

June introduced goat yoga at the village and every Thursday, I got to spent time with these adorable baby pygmy goats
July I found out that I got a job and was moving to Saskatoon! And then I found out that I got a job closer to home
August my time at Black Creek Pioneer Village came to an end this month and I knew I was going to miss it

October is for Oktoberfest. Always a good time.
November is 3 months at my new job, new home, new life.
December was busy month, including having to give my poor baby a bath twice weekly as per vet's instructions. But having her with me makes me incredibly grateful.

Happy New Year!

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