Monday, 24 February 2020

5 Most Memorable Travel Meals

My favourite thing about travelling is eating (tbh that's actually my favourite thing to do at any time) the meals I have and share with travel partners become memorable moments that punctuate each country I visit.
You can experience a culture through it's national dishes and truly connect to a place with the food it feeds you. These special meals are memorable for different reasons and I like thinking back on them and where I was in my life when I had each meal.

Fish in Venice

I was in Italy with my English boyfriend. We were in Venice and had gone to the Lido and spent the afternoon lounging in the sunshine and splashing about the very warm water. This evening, we wandered the maze like streets and found ourselves in the fish market (closed for the day) with several restaurants along the canal. We had fish stew and salmon on crustinis. It was all so fishy and fresh. Also, this was the first time I tried Prosecco and oh boy!

Wood Pigeon at a hookah bar

This was a lady date. We were in central London to experience the Icebar London, once our cool cocktails were consumed, we were hungry. Next door was MoCafe (Momo Restaurant), this cool Moroccan restaurant got us to try several new things that night. We selected our flavoured Sheesha Pipes and got down to the business of ordering food. As soon as we saw Pigeon Pastilla we knew what we were getting. Wood pigeon in a filo pastry with almonds and cinnamon. It was surprisingly, amazingly delicious.

Escargot in France

I adore snails, like actually, the little slimy, slow moving slugs are incredibly fascinating to me. I even kept a few in a DIY terrarium as a kid. But never once did I think they looked tasty. That said, I was curious as to how they would taste. The verdict; I'm a fan of garlic butter and if that means eating a snail to get it, then I can be down.

Christmas Dinner in Paris 

It was 2004, I was with my parents in Paris and I was just coming off of a full week of not being able to eat from a tasty tummy bug. The restaurant was magical and Christmasy. The air was filled with piano music and the smell of garlic and melted cheese.

Thanksgiving Dinner in London 

I was on my semester abroad in London and most nights were spent in our hostel's dining hall. The food was pretty good, but I was starting to get a bit homesick, missing home cooked meals. Come thanksgiving time, I think a few of us in the class were feeling the same and we decided to plan a thanksgiving dinner for us all to enjoy. We cooked two chickens (couldn't actually find turkey) with all the fixings. It was a group effort that took over the kitchen and dining room in our residence. It was a great party!

Moose in Newfoundland

I didn't know eating moose was a thing. But when I went to Newfoundland, it became a quest to find it, to try. When had rented an airbnb in Bauline East and had to procure our own dinner for the evening. It was the perfect opportunity! We made a wonderful picnic meal and barbecued the meat. It was lovely.

What are your thoughts about eating special meals while travelling? Do you like to try the foods of the places you are visiting or is pizza just as good anywhere you go?
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