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I'm Erin. I love travel, dogs, cooking, & all things British.

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Over the past 10 years I've lived in the UK on and off. Most recently I was there as an expat on the Canadian Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. I have since returned home to Canada and am currently based in Brampton: a suburb of Toronto: a large conurbation in Southern Ontario.

Making the transition back to Canada has been a bit of a struggle as I try to settle into life and reconnect with friends and family, while maintaining the most excellent expat characteristics, ie. say yes to adventure, try new things, meet new people, don't get bored.

I'm learning to be a hometown tourist and continue to blog about my current desires, creations, and inspirations.

If you have any questions about the ins and outs of moving to the UK, 
about moving 'home' again, 
or just want to say "you alright?", 
contact me at:  outandabouterin [at] gmail.com 
I'd love to chat!

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