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What I learned in Texas

I still have posts from Newfoundland that I want to do, but writing about Texas last week has got me on a kick. I really did enjoy my time there, but I do feel a bit ripped off weather wise. It was overcast and cool most days. This Canadian was not prepared for the single digit temps so far south. Not prepared mentally or vestment-ly.

I learned that Texas isn’t always hot and this lead me to take note of other things I learned in Texas. 

1.Longhorns’ horns are longer than I had imagined 
{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

Thanks to the rodeo being in town, I got to meet a real-live longhorn cattle. I was massively impressed by the length of the horns and equals parts not understanding how they function with such large things jutting from their heads.

2. I don’t hate country music as much as I thought I did
{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

Part of the rodeo was a concert of Brett Eldredge. I have never heard of him or his music before, but I did find myself clapping along. I particularly like his one about whiskey. True story.

3. Friends are important 
{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas
Bathroom selfie in the wine bar Selena took me to right after I landed.

Now this one I did know, but it’s good to be reminded of this every once and awhile. My 2018 is including more self-care and as I’m figuring out what that means exactly to me, I know that carving out time to spend with friends is good for my soul and I need more of it.

4. Cactuses are super cool
{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

I’ve seen them on tv before, but never really in actual life. Like in the wild. Even on my trip to Las Vegas, I didn’t come across too many cactus in the city, but in Texas they were all over. Each time I saw one, I was delighted (clapping and giggling like a child!). They are sooooo weird! How are they a thing?

I’m realizing now that I did see some in the desert in Bolivia, I remember a particular moment when Eimear touched one thinking it was a normal soft plant and we laughed at her silliness. Cactus are prickly! (Yes, I said cactuses)

5. Sweet tea is the nectar of the gods
{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

Seriously, no wonder childhood obesity is such a problem, I would be a fat kid too if I had sweet tea growing up. How is this not a thing in Canada!! 
Hot Tip: Don’t want it too sweet? Mix unsweeted tea with sweet tea to taste. Damn! So good!

6. Texas has a distinct gastronomy
{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

I didn’t particularly think of Texas having a distinct food pallet. I had assumed portion sizes were going to be giant because America, and I wasn’t wrong there, however I was still introduced to some great food. Texas BBQ is now my most favourite thing. 

Barbecued meat? Good. 

Beans? Gooooood. 

Creamed corn? Gooooooooooood. 

We need more Texas BBQs in Ontario.  I also had actual Texas Tex-Mex which included breakfast tacos, tamales, and other delicious Mexican inspired foods.

Also did you know that The Phoenix Saloon in New Braunfels is the home of chili powder?!

{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

7. Everything is soooooo spread out
{Erin Out and About} What I learned in Texas

One of the best reasons about visiting places where friends live, is having access to some home conveniences, like a car. No need to rent, take a bus, or waste money on cabs. 

San Antonio is VERY spread out. A car is a must! A big thank you to Selena for letting me borrow her car!!

Have you ever gone somewhere with preconceived ideas and were immediately humbled by how much you really didn't know?

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