Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Science Afternoon Tea at the Ampersand Hotel

You might have guessed by now, I enjoy an afternoon tea, but what's currently on offer at the Ampersand Hotel Drawing Rooms definitely take the cake. (Yeah, I said it) 
When I first arrived at the hotel, I was immediately taken with the miss matched furnishings, winged light bulb chandelier, and the delightful paintings of animals in cocktail glasses. My eyes were further delighted with the cake table and I wanted one of each before I remembered I was here on a special mission. A scientific mission.

Located in South Kensington just moments from the V&A, Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum it seems only appropriate that this month's theme is Science Afternoon Tea (running until March 21)
Things started out the way they usually do at a blogger tea; everyone chatting away snapping the occasional photo and sipping complimentary champagne while waiting for tea to be poured.  That is, until the food trays are brought out. Then we can't get out of our seats fast enough to take every photo possible. (This is usually my most favourite moment to watch)

 The savoury freshly made gougères, melted in my mouth. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite of the Gloucester old spot ham with sauce gribiche; cheese with fruit chutney; smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese and coronation chicken.

I moved my way up the stand to the scones, which I was delighted to learn were WHITE CHOCOLATE! YUM! They were the perfect compact size as I was starting to fill up and I hadn't even got to the science lesson yet!

Head Pastry Chef Ji Sun Shin has created an excellent assortment of tasty treats: from citrus fruit cocktails in tiny beakers; hazelnut, walnut and chocolate cake with a mango mousse volcano and chocolate dino; a pistachio macaroon with cherry sauce pipette (fun to eat!); and a raspberry Victoria Sponge like planet cake with white chocolate. And yes, they were all delicious, but what really got us all going and having our shutters a flutter was when the waiter came out and 'activated' the dry ice. Science!
I almost didn't want to ruin this creation, but I worked through this emotion by consoling myself with a macaroon and shot of cherry. 
Come on, you would too.

This was a great afternoon out and this big kid enjoyed her science lesson. If this was how it was done in school who knows what would have become of me!

Afternoon Tea is served from 2.30pm to 5.30pm and costs from £27.50 to £44.50 depending on which tea you book.
The Ampersand is located at 
10 Harrington Road, 
London, SW7 3ER

Starting March 22-30 they will have their Mother's Day tea and I would love a reason to go back. Quick Mammy, get on a plane!

Fun travels!

The Ampersand has compensated me for this afternoon tea. All opinions, writing, and photos (such as they are) however, are my own.
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  1. GREAT recap of our afternoon tea!! I love that last shot of you with the macaron. I was too overeager and squeezed my cherry pipe into the macaron before Ji Sun told us they were supposed to be enjoyed separately. :o) Whoops. Still tasted delicious eating it the wrong way...

    1. I don't really think there was a way to eat these wrong without it still tasting so damn nice. Pardon my French. :)

  2. Looked like so much fun! I think Canada needs to adopt the afternoon tea!

    1. I'm in complete agreement. More afternoon teas are needed in the lives of Canadians!

  3. Hey Erin, I love this post.. Have been working my way through your blog. And had to stop here! It looks amazing, I had a more traditional Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand last year, but the science theme just looks incredible, especially with the dry ice. Still gutted I couldn't make it.. But at least I have all these pictures to enjoy.
    Sarah x


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