Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Link Up: Lessons Learned About Money While Traveling

This month's travel link up is all about lessons learned while travelling which happened to be perfectly timed with a conversation I had with my mother the other day. As I begin to plan for my next big trip (details to come), she and I were discussing things I'd need to remember before boarding a plane. One of those very important thing to remember was taking out local currency, which lead to the following tips and suggestions that I'm sharing with you lucky, shiny folks.

Take out local currency before you leave
It doesn't have to last for your entire trip, but should be good for the first few major expenses of settling into your destination.

Get small bills
Large denominations will be harder to get change for in smaller towns you might be visiting. This is inclusive of Italy. While traveling through Tuscany I remember the dirty looks I got from shop owners when I paid for smaller items with a 20 Euro note.

Tell Your Bank
Call up your bank and credit card provider and let them know you will be travelling (for how long and where to). If there is any fraudulent activity on your card while you're away or when you return it might be easier to prove it wasn't you. And reversely, they might think the sudden charges in Timbuktu are suspicious activity and cancel your card on you.

Don't Accept Torn Notes
Not from anywhere. This was an issue we came across in Vietnam. The banks don't accept torn or written on bills, so therefore vendors don't accept torn or written on bills, but they might try to stick you with it. If someone tries to give you questionable money you can always ask for a different one.

Have Cash on you
Credit cards are often not accepted especially is smaller towns, this includes accommodation. Check ahead of time with where you're staying.

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  1. yes, very useful! I always do the same:)

  2. I almost always forget to tell my bank that we're going away... such a silly mistake!

  3. Oooh yes, I always try to get small notes when I can... good to avoid flashing the cash! Thanks for joining the linkup :)

  4. Yeah, re-enact scenes from Indecent Proposal in the privacy of your hotel room. lol

  5. I've had them freeze my account because of suspicious activity and really it was just me, in another country desperately trying to take out cash.

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your tips post, always good to keep in mind.


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