Monday, 18 September 2017

Hey There, Monday!

It's Monday again! How does this keep happening? I have things on a to do list but little motivation to actually complete them and then Monday rolls around once more and I think, 'CRAP! I didn't get them done! Okay, for sure this week!' 2 weeks ago I had the excuse of travelling, last week I was taking part in my civic duty of attending jury duty (Yes, not selected! Safe for the next three years!), but this week I have no excuse. I will get the things done. Hear that self? It's Monday and you've got shit to do.  Let's do this!!
Happy Monday!
But first a little procrastination with some internet reads.

Huge fan of Gail Vaz-Oxlade and her financial ways

Oh em geeeeee this is the best dance routine ever. EVER.

Listen to the original accent of Shakespeare

The most honest museum job resume

If she can use her iPhone for professional photographs, than so can I!

She faked her trip to Asia

These doppelgangers are awesome

You're not going to believe this, by The Oatmeal

Two museums have a fight on Twitter and we are all the better for it

Question: is it harder to move abroad or come home?

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