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10 Reasons to Travel

I first discovered my love of travel when I was lucky enough to attend my high school Europe trip. Three countries (one principality), ten days, 25 girls, three teachers, one amazing experience. I had been fascinated by the Roman Empire (still am) and adored being able to learn more about it from my same history teachers right in the very spot things went down. We were even at Julius Caesars grave on the Ides of March!
After this first trip I knew I was hooked and there were so many more places I wanted to see and experience.

As I've grown older, I've become more philosophical about travel. Meeting people who want to travel, but don't, people who have no desire to travel, people who have travelled the world and are done and others who just can't ever get enough. There are all kinds out there, but I've come to the conclusion that travel is not only fun it should be necessary in developing a well-rounded, well-adjusted, progressive, productive citizen of the world.

You don't even have to go all that far. Canada is a very large country and no two provinces are the same. Venturing out of your home town and meeting people in a new community brings the universal truth into glaring light. And that is; we are all just trying to muddle through doing the best we can for our families and ourselves.

I've been wanting to write this post for some time now and as co-host for this months #TravelLinkup "10 Things..." it seems a good a time as any especially in this post-Brexit, post-President Trump times, to look at the reasons why I travel and why you should too.

In no particular order, travel offers:

10) Experiencing history

Learning about history through well written textbooks is good and all, but when that history comes to life, you cannot help but feel connected to a timeline. Stand in the place historic figures stood before  you, see the same architecture built by past civilizations. This is all our story.
The first time I stood in the stadium seating of the Colosseum looking down to the arena I got chills as I could finally imagine what that must have been like 2000 years ago.

9) Exposure to different perspectives

We all have our own perspective, formed from our experiences, backgrounds and history. Our perspective is how we see life and everyone is different. Being exposed to different perspectives means we can develop a better understanding of people.

8) Meeting people

People are great. There are so many great, interesting people out there in the world with a story to share and something to teach us.
When my parents first moved to Ho Chi Ming City they were exploring the city and admiring the architecture. A local business man noticed them and struck up a conversation. He invited them to dinner at his house with his family and they still keep in touch to this day. In my experience this isn't something that happens at home. We are more closed off to the people around us, focused on getting from point A to B and not making eye-contact with the human beings around us. 

7) Change of scenery

Before I moved to London on my two year work visa I felt like I was stuck in a rut. Sleep, work, walk the dog and repeat.

Life is too short to feel like everything is ho-hum. A change of scenery can help put a pep back in your step and refresh your soul.

6) A great big world

We are but a small cog in a much larger machine. Yes, our problems are important to us and our feelings are valid, but when you travel it really helps you get out of your own head and see there are other people in this world.

5) Food

There is so much good food out there. As culinarily diverse an area can be there is still an issue with authenticity. Some ingredients just aren't available everywhere. What better way than to experience a culture than through it's food? That sounds like heaven to me.
The Peruvian cuisine is an example of just this experience, as different cultures moved to the country they brought with them their traditional dishes but have used local ingredients making an interesting fusion of food that can only be found in the restaurants of Peru.

Lomo Saltado (stir-fry meat with fries and rice)

4) Tourism industry

Some regions rely on the business generated by tourists. Do you part for local economies, travel.
Tourist attractions are tourist attractions for a good reason (for the most part), don't avoid them all.

3) Same, same but different

Here's a little story for you. While on Isla del Sol, as we were waiting for a pace of donkeys to move along the walking path, I was struck by just how different my life is from the people that live on this small island in the middle of Lake Titicaca.

That is until Eimear voiced her opposing opinion. We were at our family run hotel trying to communicate with the landlady when her husband came out and gave his opinion on what she should tell us. We didn't understand the exchange but we certainly comprehended the eye-roll and humouring smile she gave us. Despite how different our lives seem, we are all essentially the same. We have relationships, we feed our families, we do daily chores, we love, we get angry, we laugh. We might do it in different languages, but we are all essentially the same.

2) To push you

Comfort zone? What's that? You don't know what you are capable of until you find yourself outside of that zone.

1) FUN

I mean seriously, who doesn't love a little holiday. A break from the every day. Travel is just pure fun, even with all the stress and hiccups that can arise.

It's important to broaden ones horizons. Being in one place doing the same things with the same people every single day of your life will only get you so far. Increasing the things you know, experiences you have and your capabilities never a bad thing. So get out there and read everything you can, engage in conversations (in person), and travel beyond your familiar boarders.

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  1. Love this post! Some great points on there, and I love that food makes the list! Always a big one for me!

  2. Binny Shah-PatelSeptember 02, 2017

    Food is always one of my highlights of travels - fantastic post xx

  3. Travel w/ Penelope&ParkerSeptember 02, 2017

    Learning by visiting and understanding other cultures is key for me

  4. Travel offers so much! It's the best.

  5. Food is one of my major reasons for travelling!

  6. Yeah, you can read about things but until you actually experience it for yourself, it doesn't have the same meaning.

  7. Secretly (not so secretly) this is why I travel!

  8. Thanks so much Binny. Food is the best part of travel for me :)

  9. I enjoyed writing this post too. Of course food made the list! Honestly, it was the first thing on the list ;)

  10. I think I've always travelled for food! Haha! But at the same time I love what you said we are a small cog in a bigger machine. So so so true. There's so much to explore and the world has s much to offer!

  11. Travel is a heady, heady addiction indeed!


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