Monday, 7 October 2013

Hey there, Monday!

This weekend was the last weekend of Oktoberfest London.  I did manage to drink a full Stine myself which is amazing because I hate beer and am a complete lightweight. Things didn't get messy that night, but I was a hot mess the next day (Hi parents). 

Hope you all had just as lovely a weekend as I did.  Here are a few things I found to help you procrastinate starting your Monday.

Reframing your no.

I have a friend visiting from Canada next week. I'll have to give her this no more jet lag tip

Looking cute while covered in the blood of 1000 men: The Feminist Makeup Tutorial

I used to love riding my bike. I would be on it for hours going around the neighbourhood.  I feel like with a bit more practice, this could have been me.

Who's a good dog?

Comparing Obamacare to Canada.

R.L Stine was my jam as a kid.

I can't whistle. Like at all. But I think I could master this.

Fun travels!

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