Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pretty Little Sundays

I woke up on Sunday to the sun and the complete lack of desire to do anything productive. Finally my need for sustenance overwhelmed me and I couldn't live without a full English fry up right that second. Hopping on Boris Bikes we headed to the coolest part of London, nay the world, in search of my desires. 

I've been wanted to try out The Breakfast Club ever since I had heard about their amazing breakfasts and how popular they are. We stumbled upon the Hoxton branch and although we were told it was going to be a 20 minute wait, we figured, 'what the hell, got nothing else going on today.' 

We perused the menu while waiting and pleasantly were supplied with a sample of one of their famous fruit smoothies.

In the coolest part of London, nay the world, even the garbage collection is hip. (Yeah. Totes sticking with the word use 'hip'). I loved this truck.

Once inside, one can admire the retro, fun and funky decor. I found myself spinning around in my mismatched seat to glimpse all the different patterns and items on the wall. It's like a 50's diner but for Gen Y.

Even the bathrooms were cool with fantastic 1980's wallpaper and 'London's tiniest disco'.

We placed our orders and my eagerness for a great fry up at 2:30 in the afternoon did not disappoint.

With full bellies we wondered the streets of Shoreditch, coming across street art, galleries trendy shops and markets.

We then happened upon the Sunday (Up)Market where we discovered (and enjoyed) fruity drinks drunk from pineapple carcasses. 

And caught the tail end of the very first Chilli Festival at Spitalfields City Farm.

That's how you do a London Sunday right. 
No set plans, just a sense of adventure and a good pair of walking shoes.

Fun travels!

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