Monday, 4 January 2016

Hey there Monday!

First Monday of a brand new year! Did you make any resolutions for the year to come? Or, like me, pick a theme/word to focus on? How about make intentions to let go of things from the past year? At any rate, it's a new day, to a new week, to a new year, choose to be awesome and enjoy these lovely internet reads.

Hey there, Monday!

45 ways to reflect on the year

I've heard lots about Bullet Journaling. I'm into the idea especially for the new year.

Looking for a photo project undertaking for 2016? I got 7 for you

and further to that here are 15 photography tips

Selfie tips

Cinnamon buns for 2 (or maybe just 1)

My Nutella addiction continues 

Quick, someone get me an iron skillet! I need to make this!!

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