Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016 Travel Wishlist and Link Up

This month's travel link up with Emma, and new hosts, Jessi and Angie, is the traditional travel wishlist for the year ahead. On my 2015 wishlist  I did actually make it to Quebec City; 1 down, 4 to go.

This year, I've already booked my holiday to England. I will probably return empty pocketed so this will more than likely be my only trip for the year. I'm okay with this. So my wishlist this year is more of an actual list of where I will be for my upcoming trip.


{ErinOutandAbout} London
Landing in London. It will be my very first time landing in the city and not be moving in. Weird.


{ErinOutandAbout} Paris
24 hours in gay paree. Meeting up with friends for one night and day of frolicking and shenanigans.  


{ErinOutandAbout} Cambridge
Love this city and love this girl. Soul sister. Already want to cry thinking of the cuddles. 


{ErinOutandAbout} Edinburgh
I've made a few day trips here before, but now I have a friend who calls the city home and I will get to test out the night life. So excite!


{ErinOutandAbout} Glasgow
House sitting for friends in this city had me exploring the place solo the last time around.  I visited almost all the museums on offer. 

I'm very much looking forward to my little visit. I'm preparing to feel all the feels, spend lots of money, over-pack my luggage, and have a pint or two...probably more. Definitely more (Hi parents!).

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