Friday, 1 January 2016

2015, it's been a slice

Hiya 2016, it's lovely to meet you! I can tell, you're going to be awesome.

As you may have figured out, I'm a huge fan of Instagram and last year I did a review of the year that was through my Instagram posts. I decided to do the same this year. It's definitely quiet on the absurdity that is London, but enjoyable and memorable nonetheless.

This year I've decided my theme for 2016 will be "Joy".
Finding it. Creating it. Maintaining it. Spreading it.

Last year's theme, 'Explore', helped me continue to put myself out there, trying different things and not get stuck in a rut. I went to the Taste of the Danforth for my first time as well as Nuit Blanche. Two events I've been wanting to try out for years and I finally have this year. I went to parties where I only knew one person and MET STRANGERS! And did a lot of general enjoying of Canada and Canadian things.


December: Betty in lights
November: TbyDaniel local tea shop stop with my mum
October: Halloween costumes
September: Girls weekend up in cottage country
August: A wtf moment when a autumn leaf is spotted on my way to work


July: Sangria at St. Lawrence Market
June: Love a bric-a-brac store
May: Baseball! How 'bout them Jays?
April: CN Tower and Skydome


March: Sugarbush visit near Terra Cotta. Maple Syrup in snow, OH SO CANADIAN!
February: Heat Fest, keeping warm on one of the coldest days in 2015
January: Betty on a snowy day, but didn't care cause she had a stick

Happy New Year!

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