Friday, 2 October 2015

Hi, my name is Erin and I just might have a blogging addiction

I don't have a blogging addiction. I don't.  

I will admit, however that for awhile now I've been obsessed with photographing mealtime plates before I'd dare lift a fork and knife and obviously one must chase those instagrammable moments (remember when the phenomenon was called a Kodak Moments?).

But that's not a blogging addiction.

I confess that lately, I can't stop scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed (cheeky plug: you can follow me here), adding new blogs constantly and being all consumed with reading new posts. There's just so much good content out there, I need to keep up!

But that's not a blogging addiction.

And okay I may have a thing for social media. I mean, Forgeddaboutit! (even if I don't really get how they all work and so many new ones that I can't keep up--Periscope, what? I must be old)

But that's not a blo......

Right. Okay. I do see now that blogging only amplifies these obsessions and feeds my addiction. 


I might have a slight problem, but they say acceptance is the first step, right?

This post is part of the monthly travel link up hosted by the lovelies  EmmaKellyRebecca  and with this month's co-host Anna at Penelope and Parker. Check out their blogs and the many other link up participants. Feed your addiction.

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