Thursday, 1 May 2014

To Market, To Market: Cambridge Market

I do consider Cambridge home. Home in the sense that it is very familiar and comfortable and I don't tend to get lost in the winding streets. When I first arrived in England it was one if the first places I stayed for an extended period. (After Glasgow and before Woking, I have such great friends!). It was at a time when I had no job, but all my savings, and when I still calculated how long I could afford stay in England with remaining said funds. I was on the edge of everything, where every opportunity was still within my grasp. I was still determined to get a museum job, I was still convinced things were going to be simple and still not entirely sure I'd made the right decision in leaving Canada and all I had there.
Because of this history Cambridge and I have, it means that I've had a hard time writing about the city and all it's charms. Like London, it's close to my heart, but unlike London it's not as gritty and I just can't encapsulate it in a few strung together sentences. However, it's time I attempt it. 

First stop: Cambridge Market

I just love this market. Every time I find myself in Cambridge I make a beeline for the city centre to browse the stalls of the open air market and get into the hustle and bustle of this great city. It's centrally located on Market Hill and surrounded by shops, restaurants, the Lion Yard, and colleges. You could easily visit this market and get all your errands done in one go; from a gift for Aunt Sally, produce for the week, a cool old record, flowers to decorate the flat, and of course a little sweet treat for you after all of your weary work.

I have made a few purchases from this market over time, but I can never resist fresh made fruit juice. (Excuse the mitts, these photos are a couple months old now). Best part about this market is it's close proximity to everything else; like the River Cam, King's College, and Fitzbillies to name a few. Makes for a lovely day out wandering the teeny tiny cobbled streets making it easy for one to imagine themselves in Medieval times.

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