Monday, 8 October 2012

Luggage and a Baby

I've been a bit MIA lately because I've been traveling and visiting friends and living much too much in the real world to bother updating my blog (but it never stopped me from checking it at least once a day.)

When I first got to the air port I soon discovered that I already had a broken wheel on my luggage. And although my bag was very heavy, I managed to stay just under the 51 lbs limit. Just.

Upon landing I stayed with some friends in Glasgow who have an adorable 9 month old baby girl, who graciously let me steal her room for the week. Unfortunately, muffin was sick which meant that I very soon was sick too. It was great to be in a home with home cooked meals and no sightseeing schedule to follow. So I rested and drank lots of fluids as my mother would have told me to. I did some shopping (new luggage!), saw some sites (3 museums in 4 days!) and visited Edinburgh (so damp and windy, but I was told I got the true Edinburgh experience).

On the day that I thought I would be leaving for Cambridge, for the next leg of my journey, there was terrible flooding in the East of England and it had washed out the roads and rail. So back to Glasgow I went for another night. 

I eventually made it to Cambridge, where I currently am staying, I've even paid rent to the end of the month. Good to know the UK has asshole landlords too. Now the hard part begins. Job hunting.

Fun travels!

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