Monday, 15 August 2016

Hey There, Monday!

Surviving that heat? Last week Toronto went through a heat wave, each day when the stifling humidity would slap you across the face when you stepped out the door, people literally couldn't even. This week continues to be a hot one, but we can't complain. In just a few months we will be shivering and begging for the heat once more. Enjoy it while it lasts! But first let's stay in the AC a few minutes more with some internet reads.

Happy Monday!

What to binge watch next...

All the pets should come to work

Love notes

V cool artwork in Rio

Art on Tap exhibit at Museum of Wisconsin Art is all about Breweriana

This newly employed woman is my favourite

This man has the bestest friends ever. carrying him through Europe

Feminism in sport

The kind of friends I want

Living on a floating island, looks pretty sweet

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