Monday, 4 July 2016

Hey There, Monday!

Long weekends are made for summer! Did you make the most of it? I spent Canada Day with some great friends and fireworks. It was touch and go for a bit on Friday, but the skies eventually cleared up after a full day of rain and fireworks could be a thing. It just can't be Canada Day without fireworks!
But now a new week is here and let's get ready to take it on, but first internet.

Happy Monday!

Stunning portraits of teenage native girls

Open letter from Time Out to the world after the UK referendum


''I want a British person to create a word of the day calendar for me, but strictly full of British insults.'' This needs to be a thing! Also, Trump is a tool

7 illustrations of luxuriating in alone time

Ugly foods, would you eat?

Love the idea of making some concrete planters

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