Tuesday, 3 May 2016

"Travel" Blogger Problems: Monthly Link Up

This month's travel link up theme is all about the woes of a travel blogger.

My "travel" blogger problem is just that, the travel part. Since being an expat returned home, I don't think I still fit into the genre of 'travel blogger'. But really I wonder, did I ever really fit into it?

Sure, I travelled. Sure, I blogged. But did that make me a travel blogger?

Really what I enjoy doing most while travelling, living abroad or settled at home, is stuff and things; arts and culture; food and drink; being in and around town; and then writing about it here. My life was in a rut pre-moving to London, the fixed expiry of my time there got me out enjoying every last second I had. Once back in Canada I wanted to continue living the expat lifestyle and not get back in that rut (no more panic moves to London left in me).

Nowadays, I call myself a hometown tourist, doing all the things I can find (what up Taco Fest!), and trying to find a local blogger community to engage with (where my Toronto Bloggers at?!)

I may not know what kind of blogger I am anymore (or ever was for that matter), but I'm going to keep doing me and hopefully people (other than just those that I call mum--HI MOM!) enjoy my ramblings as much as I like making them.

At the beginning of each month, I like to take part in the monthly travel link up hosted on the incredible blogs hosted by AngieJessiEmma,  and this month's special host Lauren. You can join in too by leaving a comment below, checking out other posts on the link up, or adding your own post to the widget now until May 7th.

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