Monday, 28 March 2016

Hey there, Monday!

In the last 2 weeks I've had 3 interviews. Good right? Yeah I thought so, until the rejection came. You think you are doing fine, then someone rejects you. It's hard not to take this personally, they've basically said, "I was interested enough in you to meet, but now I don't think your skills are good enough, personality is too off putting, and achievements aren't all that great". So here I am again having my Third-Life Crisis--this comes a few years after the Quarter-Life Crisis in which you are first discovering your career, love, life paths, expect now you are questioning all your past adulting choices and looking into how to change your current career, love, life paths.
I have no answers or solutions, but research and being proactive in organizing helps me feel a bit more in control (until I realize that it all means nothing without action, but that's for Future Erin to worry about). And sharing is caring!

Happy Monday!

Third-life crisis is a thing! Yay?

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