Monday, 8 February 2016

Hey there, Monday!

Got back on that job applications horse and I'm depressed again. The 2 items might be related. In fact, I'm certain they are. *Sigh* And like the lottery, I can't win if I don't try. Also like the lottery, my odds of winning the interview jackpot are not in my favour. Actually, I'd rather win the lottery. I'll just do that instead. Okay then, byeeeeee.

Hey there, Monday!

Tiny changes to make big habits

WWI British propaganda posters

Uh...totally added to my travel bucket list!

Professional development free with these online courses!

Things to do before leaving on that trip

Why you should visit a destination more than once

When my mum told me #5 was a thing, I didn't believe her, but staked my claim anyway. Apparently, she was spot on with her airport etiquette

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