Thursday, 4 February 2016

I adore...a Travel Link Up

When traveling what I adore doing most is being 'normal'. Momentarily not being a tourist, not merely visiting, but really trying to experience and enjoy what 'normal life' might be like where ever I might find myself.

For me that involves a stroll down the grocery or pharmacy aisles, 
{ErinOutandAbout} I adore the grocery store
my essentials when traveling

Staying in and watching local TV (even if in a language I don't understand), 
{ErinOutandAbout} I adore tv
Yup, that totally is Poirot on the tube

Finding an off-the-beaten-track cafe or restaurant and stopping for a brew and some people watching, 
{ErinOutandAbout} I adore local shops
The Big Apple in Copenhagen 

Figuring out the transportation system more than just from the airport and back,
{ErinOutandAbout} I adore public transportation
waiting for the bus with a pastry of course.

Doing some non-touristy things in a touristy place makes me feel more connected to my surroundings. It's great to do and see all the must-dos and must-sees, but I really treasure being able to take a moment for the 'normal' to help me feel grounded and remind myself how lucky I am to be where I am.

Like the beginning of each month this post is part of the monthly travel link up hosted by AngieJessiKaelene and Emma. You can join in too by leaving a comment below, checking out other posts on the link up, or adding your own post to the widget now until February 7th. 

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