Monday, 14 December 2015

Hey there, Monday!

12 days! 12 days left until Christmas. I've been working lots this season and seem to keep catching colds/coughs/sniffles, just trying to stay on my feet until then. 12 days! As I climb back into my bed as soon as possible each day, let's enjoy together some internet reading fun.

                 Hey there, Monday! 

The best new tube map ever?

Kind of excited for more Serial

Instagram Husbands, only slightly feel guilty bad

The worst things to see traveling home in December

Taxi protest in Toronto, interesting article of how it didn't help their position.

Remember Ghostwriter? Loved that show as a kid!

Untouched Victorian kitchen. I want one!

Student art project tells people they are beautiful 

Feeling shitty? Here are 15 things that might help turn that around

I love a funny photo shoot

Stop tree shaming.

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