Monday, 18 May 2015

Hey there, Monday!

It's a long weekend in Canada usually affectionately known as May 2-4. It's usually considered the official kickoff of the warm weather and summer. This year it's fallen quite early (not actually on 24 May, but the monday prior to it). This is the weekend where people have bbq's, the garden centres are packed and people go camping. It has been known to snow on this long weekend. We Canadians like to push the season whether it's appropriate or not. 

Happy Monday whether is a long weekend for you or not!

Not my monkey, not my circus and other wonderful idioms illustrated

What that extra shoelace hole is really for.

New online dating? Finding love for Eva

I love gin and tonics. I love ice cream. Here is my dream come true.

Speaking of gin and tonic.

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  1. Finding Love for Eva made me tearup.


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