Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Epic Art Battle!

On Tuesday 14 May, the third of four epic art battles went down in the suburb of Brampton. What's an art battle you ask? It's a night of live competitive painting held over three 20 minute rounds. The artists are given a colour pallet, a blank canvas, and 20 minutes to create incredible works of art using their hands, brushes, pallet knives and their imaginations.

The participants are gathered in a outward circle in the centre of the room and the audience is encouraged to dance to the dj while viewing the works in progress in a "slow moving tornado" like fashion. Each spirited round was counted down and people cheered when the artists were instructed "brushes down!" The winners were determined by an online audience vote.

Winning paintings from round one.

Round two!

It was interesting to watch the process from white blank space to colourful, playful, impressive paintings in a short amount of time. Watching as someone with little art technique knowledge it was compelling to watch how the artists started off their pieces and built from the background forward, how from something abstract suddenly formed into something familiar emotionally and/or visually.

The winning paintings from round two.

Round three was a head to head of the top two artists from the first two competitions.

The big winner of the night was Ryan C. Thompson a young local artist and instructor at Visual Art Brampton.

The next epic Art Battle 287-Brampton takes place:

Thursday, June 11th @ 7pm 

289 Rutherford Road South, 
Brampton, ON, L6W 3R9

Early bird tickets available for $15 or $20 at the door. 
Seniors and student tickets $10.


  1. It's amazing to see all the talent, from amateur, practicing or selling artist.

  2. I want a ticket!


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