Friday, 28 April 2017

Sakura Trees of Brampton

You know when something comes onto your radar and then everywhere you look, there's that thing? I feel like Sakura trees aka cherry blossom are that thing for me. A couple springs ago I went to High Park, Toronto to view the blossoms there. Before this first time, I had no idea that this was such a thing here. Now it seems like people count down to the spring blossoming, in fact there is actually a website that does just that

Each spring my instagram feed is full of Torontonians frolicking through the paths of High Park, taking pictures of and in amongst the flower laden branches. But I'm a busy person (aren't we all?), I can't just head to Toronto as soon as High Park Nature Centre tells me it's peak blossom time and also Toronto isn't the centre of the universe (I know, that's an incredible statement but it's true). All kinds of Sakura trees can be found a short drive from Toronto and I was super excited to find out that one of these locations is actually at a local park, Joyce Archdekin Park located on Main Street South, Brampton. 

Not wanting to miss out on the cherry blossom grams I got my butt down there as quickly as I could and snapped my own blossom selfies. It wasn't as busy as High Park, but it certainly was not a secret. 

Check it out...

A sure sign spring is on it's way and the promise of so much warmth and sunshine. Bring on the season!

What flower do you most enjoy popping up in spring?

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