Monday, 1 May 2017

If Travel was on a Menu...

...I'd have a hard time selecting what I wanted. Which isn't that unusual. I always have a hard time picking what I want to eat when given a huge list of items to choose from. Some call it indecisive, others may say picky, I like to think of myself as a thorough decision maker.

I'd start my travel meal off with a nice little shared starter. A short jaunt from Toronto perhaps over a long weekend for just a taste. Maybe a girls weekend where we can share the experience. And true to form I just can't decide between the seafood filled Maritimes of Canada or the pizza bites of New York City. Hmmm...

For my entree, when at a favourite restaurant I tend to go for my classics over and over again. No need for adventure when I know what I like and it's good. It's comfort food. My go to main course is London. I love it and know I will love it each and every time. I can easily be talked into visiting new places and trying new things, but I will forever return to my fair London.

I hardly ever get dessert when I'm out. It's an indulgence that I usually deny my already full belly. As such, my travel dessert would have to be just as salubrious and for me that would be a beach holiday where nothing is done but lounging by a pool and visiting a swim up bar. Any all-inclusive would fit this bill, but with the waiter standing over my shoulder, pen poised in anticipation, my pick would be Aruba. NO! Antigua! ooooooooo

Photo from my trip to Jamaica ca. 2009 and my last beach holiday
Great. Now I'm hungry and itching to book another trip! What would you order off a travel menu?

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