Monday, 26 January 2015

Hey there, Monday!

Anyone else done with this cold weather already? I vaguely remember what the warmth of the sun feels like on bare skin. In a desperate move, I did what any self respecting millennial worth her salt would do. I Googled it. Results: How to Enjoy This Winter More. Not that I'd be doing any of those anytime soon, but it was just nice to know I'm not alone living the struggle.

A very small apartment, too active for me, but still some cool ideas.

1000's times yes! Ball pit room.

I have my retirement plan.

Richard Dawkins reads his hate mail.

Everyone can use a little learn to change their attitude in a bad situation.

Undeveloped film from unknown WWII soldier. Amazing pictures.

Beautiful costumes from Miss Universe.

Sneaky exercise, is my jam. Err day. 

Such pretty streets.

I like her travel philosophy.

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