Monday, 24 November 2014

Hey there, Monday!

Back in August Selena invited me along to the super hyped, super secret London event everyone was talking about this summer; Secret Cinema's Back the the Future. I've had some amazing days and nights in London but this was by far (BY FAR) the. best. eva! We took the opportunity to dress the part and immersed ourselves in the town of Hill Valley. We went to the school dance; Enchantment Under the Sea, drank iced teas (with gin of course), jumped out of the way of kids on skateboards, and visited Doc. Cameras were not allowed to this event with the exception of disposable cameras (Selena and I quickly filled 2). Check out some of the photos and read all about the night on Selena's post here.

Words with bffs is new favourite instagram account

I think I found my Christmas gifts for this year

totally on my wishlist

old dogs in touching and somewhat heartbreaking portraits

Aww, for the pup

Most beautiful underground stations in the world. Toronto made the list!

I love time lapse videos like this

Classical selfie

Beautiful sounds

Cockfosters IS always funny

warms the cuckolds of my heart

Image from Pinterest

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