Friday, 21 November 2014

Traveling Personas

We all know 'em, we've all been 'em as some point on a trip. We've denied it when called out, but go ahead and embrace your travel persona and find a travel buddy that can accept who you are while away from home and can still be your friend after the flight touches down on familiar soil.

The Organizer

Plans every moment, most likely has an itinerary stashed away in their carry on. When pushed they will tell you it's not important to follow it, but deviate from it at your own risk. Pro: You will most likely see the crap out of a city in the most efficient way possible. Con: You may need a break when you return.

The Travel Diva

While away the Travel Diva may lay dormant for a majority of the trip however when travel situations deviate from the smooth planing the 'Diva is deployed' and they put up with no guff. Demands for the uncontrollable to be controlled are made; knowing how to deal with the travel diva is an art form in its own right. Good luck to you. Pro: Will think to ask service people for things that you all will benefit from. Con: The Diva is looking for someone to blame, you WILL feel the wrath

The "Rock-up" Star

They will plan nothing, prepare nothing, expect little and are just along for the ride. You'll be lucky if they've remembered to check in for their flight.All good to travel with until decision time, then you'll hear, "Ah, I'm easy", or "whatever you want to do". Pro: This can be liberating to travel with when one on one. Con: This can be extremely frustrating when there is more than one in a group.

The Creature Comforts

Packs too much for 'just in case' scenarios or their mood. They can get bent out of shape if away from their 'stuff' too long and prefer higher end things--I'm not talking about needing Gucci sheets at the Hilton, I just mean not being cool with renting sand paper hostel sheets and wanting to 'eat-in' at the cafe. Where's the adventure in that?

What Travel Persona are you? Who would you add to this list?

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  1. OOooh I hate it when the 'rock star' ones claim to be easy going about everything but are still willing to bitch about the restaurant /museum / whatever when it's not exactly perfect... grrrrrrrrrr


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