Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tuesday Rambling on Doors

There is just nothing like good 'curb appeal' to build in me instant daydreams and desires of wanting to go beyond the threshold. In Canada, I've admired pretty little properties and wonder what goes on behind the curtains shrouding the picture windows (and secretly thrill when I can actually get a glimpse inside), but only Europe can create such house envy with a simple, or sometimes grand, doorway. When I travel many of my photos, when they aren't of my food/drink/#fromwhereIstand feet photos, are of these unfamiliar scenes focused in on the doorway. 
While is Lavenham, I was completely enamoured with the doors. They were beautiful colours, delicately decorated and so very ordinary in an incredibly old way. Sure you could get into the whole symbolism of the door being a beginning or transition into something new and unknown or the whole cliche of "when opportunity knocks", but I think it just boils down to the fact of, "I wish I lived there!"

This is clearly something that runs in the family as my mother, being the terrific, creative, talent that she is, created a series of mini sculpted doors of the doorways we were in awe of on our trip through Europe back in 2005. ISH HOUSE is my favourite one as it was the door to my building when I did my semester abroad.

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