Monday, 9 September 2013

Hey there, Monday!

Well, summer is officially over as of Thursday last week and the season of damp and layers has arrived. Back home in Canada when the weather first turns I would look forward to cosy days spent inside opting not to leave the couch and cuddles of my pup. However, in England, if this were the case, no one would ever leave their houses and society would crumble around us. That said, here are some internet joys to stay inside and be cosy with a cup of tea.

No more awkward silences

I love buttons and stamps

Great way to find a new housemate

I'm a wolf, what are you?

Naps are awesome and tricky

Someone asked me about the 49th parallel the other day and I didn't have the answer. Now I do.

Embarrassed to admit, but a little more informed

Fun travels!

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