Monday, 2 September 2013

Hey there, Monday!

Haven't done a Currently Reading List in some time. I guess this summer I've been too busy  actually doing stuff (or just lazy, depending on the week) to be browsing the web finding internet gems to share with y'all. I've decided to return to this today with a small reading list for your internet enjoyment.

Back on the dating scene and your boyfriend is not your friend

I sometimes refer to my phone as my camera

my jam

This day in history

Now for the true but cliche comment; can you believe it's September already?! September 19 will mark the anniversary of the date I landed in Glasgow on the first part of my big move to the UK. I'm having a pessimistic half empty attitude lately and keep thinking, "crap, only one year left!". Need to work on turning that attitude around.

Fun travels!

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