Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Beach Comes to YOU!

Can't get to the beach this summer? Doing a little internet search may reveal a beach that has come all they way to you! Camden Beach is this beach. It's a temporary beach, obviously, set up at The Roundhouse, on their sunny 900 square meter terrace they've brought in 150 tonnes of the finest sand and offer amusements, deckchairs, music, bbq food and best yet, 2 for 1 cocktails at happy hour (5-7 Monday to Friday). 

Just like a 1950s seaside town it was a bit of a weird mix of people, from children playing in the sand to the after work crowd showing up in full suits to drink.

men in suits

ping pong

beach rules
anchors away 
Once happy hour finished, it was too pricey to keep drinking here and it was well past my dinnertime. I get cranky when I'm not fed regularly. Luckily, we quickly came across a Belgo, a Belgium restaurant with one of the widest selection of beer in London.  I'm not a huge traditional beer drinker but I will not turn down a fruit beer and there were several for me to choose from.

The food was fantastic and a great end to a chill evening out at the beach. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, just like summer and the Camden Beach closed August 24th for another season. 

Fun travels!

This is not a sponsored post, I was not compensated for anything and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like fun! I really need the water component to feel like I am at the beach though. After a few drinks I guess it wouldn't bother me as much! Glad you had a good time.


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