Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cambridge Living in Intra-Review

I'm settling into my temporary new digs while I look for work in London. Fingers crossed for me! When I'm not stressing about being unemployed, I've been exploring the city.

Top left to bottom:
1. My home for the next few weeks.
2. At The Orchard in Grantchester.
3. Punting on the River Cam.
4.The walk to Grantchester was very close to the 'wildlife'.
5. Cider and a ruby game.
6. Cricket in the field.
7. Tea and scones with clotted cream. mmmm
8. Pancake breakfast
9. Plum cake for lunch. As you do.
10.  Pottery at the Fitzwilliam Museum.
11. Coke and a hurling game.
12. The stained glass window at the King's College chapel.

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Fun travels!

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