Thursday, 5 April 2012

Write About It

I like travel. I like journal books. Therefore, to the best deductive reasoning, I love travel journals!

When I did a semester abroad to London in my undergrad (when the romance began), part of our semester project was to create a scrapbook for each course. I thoroughly enjoyed creating them. One for Art History, one for Drama, and one for Urban Geography.

 I really liked the end result of the Urban Geography scrapbook, but it was very neat and clean. The Art History scrapbook on the other hand was chaotic, over-stuffed and wonderful. Think of Wreck this Journal meets school project.  These scrapbooks taught me to collect all random ephemera of the places we went and things we did in London. (it also helped decorate my boring cork board in my room).

Page in Urban Geography scrapbook
The Art History scrapbook is busting 
Page in Art History Scrapbook
I used paper bags from gift shops as handy envelopes to hold other bits of information.
I highly recommend keeping some sort of travel journal or scrapbook of your travels. 
Keeping a travel journal is a great way to keep a souvenir of your adventures; a memento you can even add to down the road. If you are creative and have a bit of patience you can diy your own journal using some common, inexpensive materials. The books I used were sketch books (A4 sized) with thicker, white paper. Sketch books are great for this type of project because of the good quality paper. They will hold up better to the added weight of postcards, paper clips and random bits. You can always rely on Pinterest for having some super great links for creating your very own, very cool travel journal.

However, if you aren't so much the crafty type there are travel journals you can find online. There are loads of book sellers on  Etsy and after having a quick look myself I had to restrain myself from buying about five. (I told you I love travel journals) There is the blank-open-ended-fill-in-with-whatever-you-desire kind of journal book, like these ones found at Badbooks . Or there is also the straight up travel journal option that gives prompts with questions and suggestions of things to write about. This type is more about writing and less like a scrapbook. I'm personally drawn to the more visual, but there are some beautiful options available from Moleskine.

It's all in what you do with it and what you want to get out of your travel journal Just get travelling...and journalling.

The cork board behind my very young hear (clearly this photo is taken prior to developing my selfie game)

Do you keep a travel journal?

Fun travels!

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