Friday, 7 July 2017

My Travel Story #travellinkup

I don't know when exactly I became infatuated with travelling. As a kid, my family often would road trip to Montreal and Vermont to visit family, but I didn't really consider that travelling. We saw nothing more than the same old walls and the same old faces and although I loved my homes away from home, it wasn't travel. However, sometime between grade 9 and 10 I learned about the high school Europe trip and it became my mission to be part of it.  The trip took place every other year and there was a strict criteria that students had to fulfill.  I took history courses, introduced myself to the teachers running the programs and started saving my money (and by saving my money, I mean asking my parents to pay for a major chunk of it--it's good to be an only child sometimes!)

When the time came, and student selection was made, I was one of 25 girls going on the 10 day March Break trip to Switzerland, Italy, and France.


The first 36 hours of the trip were exhausting. On that long haul flight, after 2 layovers, I discovered I am INCAPABLE of falling asleep on planes. We arrived at Zurich airport in the early morning hours and were whisked away to Lucerne, where we were allowed to explore the city like giddy, teenaged zombies. It was around hour 30 that I discovered that I couldn't access my bank account. And so began my introduction into international travel.

A baby faced Erin in blue shades. Rocking 1999 so hard!

This high school Europe trip created so many memories and solidified several friendships that I still cherish today!

The travel urge was in me and I couldn't let it go. I selected my undergrad based on the semester abroad program, and later attended uni abroad (after applying on a whim).

Having opportunities to travel is certainly a luxury and one that I realize not everyone has. But honestly, I think it's one of the best things you can do as a student/young person.

What's your travel story?

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  1. What a great story! And I'm totally digging 1999 you! :) Until we up and moved to Singapore when I was in 7th grade, my traveling consisted of visiting family who lived elsewhere 1-2 times a year, too. When I think back on it, the fact that my parents even said yes to Singapore at all surprises me. They had never lived outside of Tennessee at that point (and neither had I!). I'm so glad they did, though, because that's definitely what jump-started my own travel story!

  2. I am just LOVING on all of these posts!

  3. They've been such a fun read! Thanks for hosting :)

  4. HAHA 1999 me thanks you.
    That's so cool about your family's move. My parents decided to pick up and move to Vietnam a few years back. I was so proud of them for making the big exciting move. A move like that changes a person and definitely for the better.

  5. Wow, these photos are stunning! What an amazing trip. Thanks so much for sharing!


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