Monday, 26 June 2017

Hey There, Monday!

Some weekends I love being able to just do nothing. Spend time at home, filling my day with whatever the hell I want. Other weekends it's good to be reminded that I actually have friends and hang out with them. On Friday I got to put on a big-girl dress and slap on some makeup and head in to the big smoke for a girls night out, Saturday I had tea and macarons at a grand opening of the Thé Salon at MacaronZ, and Sunday brunch plans because Sunday Funday.

It's a great way to prepare yourself for the week ahead. But now I've caught a stupid summer cold and am sick in bed, so join me as we procrastinate starting the week just yet, but don't get too close *cough cough*

Happy Monday!

I was just wondering the other day, when it was that society decided I should shave regularly. Here it is

Toronto city skyline since the 1800s

I love making lists too

Summer to do list?

Photoshop requests with best results

Xennial. Is this what I am?

Canada's Trump Strategy
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