Monday, 5 June 2017

Hey There, Monday!

I worked all weekend, so I feel like I can legit ask, 'is it Friday yet?'
How was your weekend? Get up to anything fun? Was it a quiet restorative kind of weekend? Or are you like me and saying, 'what's a weekend?' I know, that's a lot of questions for a Monday. Sorry. Instead let's all take a moment together to grab a cuppa and settle in for one more quiet second reading these gems from the inter-webs, before starting our day in earnest.

Happy Monday!

7 wholly Canadian snacks

Face App improved these paintings, in my opinion

These award-winning wildlife pictures will brighten your day

'You should've asked.' Love this piece

This artist took a Polaroid a day for years. I love this touching project

Is pom-pom makeup a thing now? Please don't tell me it's a thing

Talking about increasing minimum wage to $15 in Ontario. This article busts the myths about why it's a bad idea

The bicycle and its role in the fight for women's rights

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