Thursday, 20 April 2017

An Honest Farewell Party

For years Honest Ed's discount department store was an icon of the city. Not so much a tourist attraction, but if you've ever lived in Toronto, whether you visited it on the regular or not, you knew of this garish, blazing, giant, of a store and the surrounding Mervish Village. The brightly coloured, flashing marquee* was a beacon at the corner of Bathurst and Bloor, making it a recognizable part of the city.

These days the sign has gone dark and  show floors emptied as plans for the new development get underway. But before things were completely boarded up and gutted a four day goodbye party was hosted by the Centre for Social Innovation over a warm weekend in February. 'An Honest Farewell: The First, Last & Only Farewell to Honest Ed's' had a packed itinerary from a cocktail gala, an immersive art maze, to a bargain market and farmer's market.

I convinced a couple of friends of mine to join me on one of the afternoons and it was honestly a really great time. Some of the art was fantastic, some was just okay, and others still were fun and interactive.  Considering the late Ed Mervish was strong supporter of the arts in Toronto, I think he'd be pleased to be part of this art initiative 'Toronto for Everyone' and such a lovely goodbye tribute.

It's too bad this party couldn't be an annual event, but time marches on and things sometimes have to change to keep up with the times. It was a fitting and fun farewell.

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  1. curtis03 LewisMay 03, 2017

    That totally stunning!! This farewell had superb d├ęcor and other activities are also looking nice. You know I have also gathered such nice farewell party ideas for my roommate that is going back to her country. Would like to host bash at one of her favorite Seattle venues.


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