Monday, 13 March 2017

Hey There, Monday!

Okay, I'm going to sound like an old person, but seriously how is it March 13th already?! Also, we've exited daylight savings in Canada and (here comes my second old person comment) it's still light out at 7pm! Spring is coming! We might be back in a deep freeze here--snow storm coming today--but spring is coming! Until then, let's snuggle back under the covers with a tea and popcorn (anyone else love tea and popcorn?) and do some Monday procrastination.

Happy Monday!

Save the Whitechapel Bell Foundry!

Results of the 'standing only escalator' trials that took place in London

The Caesar is as Canadian as KD. Here's a little history lesson

Love this British duo

'America borders on the magnificent' 

Obsessed with old photos

Can someone PLEASE help me make a video! I want to be paid to travel!!!

Most excellent travel quotes

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