Thursday, 26 January 2017

Winter Wishes

Now that the sparkly, shiny days of Christmas are a distant memory, all we have stretched out in front of us is the bleakness and dreary weeks ahead. So in order to cope with the seemingly never ending shortened days I've created a winter wishes list. Just like my autumn wishes and summer wishes, this list is an aide-memoire of the little joys that exist in these cold months.

Grab a hot mug of something, cozy up by the fireside and think warm thoughts as we go through my list of things I'm looking forward to enjoying this winter.

one//listening to snow fall
{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes
Do you know what I'm talking about? Next time it's snowing go outside and have a listen. It is the most peaceful moment ever. It never seems as quiet or as still as when it's snowing great, big, fluffy snowflakes that float down to the snow covered ground.

two// walks in snowy scenes
{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes
On sunny days it's guaranteed to be bitter cold brisk. But getting out there and getting some of that vitamin D it's life saving and a little exercise keeps away cabin fever. #Bettydog helps with this one the most since dogs don't care about the temperature; if they need to go for a walk, you must take them.

three// scarf love
{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes


{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes


{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes


A fashion blogger, I am not. As they bemoan the loss of cute sun dresses and not messing hair under winter caps, I luxuriate in a blanket scarf. Wrap me head to toe in a comfy cozy blanket scarf and I will conquer the world.

four// cozy reading
{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes
Moving back indoors, I like to be just as warm wrapped up in a blanket, thick sock, hot tea and a book I can fall into and I'm a happy girl. Make it a snow day and I can read guilt free in my blanket fort.

five// all the winter soups
{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes

{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes

As soon as a chill hits the air my mum boldly announces ''It's soup season!'' and really can't disagree. Pictured above homemade lentil soup and fish stew--and clearly soup becomes a proper meal when served with carbs.

six// outdoor winter activities 
{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes

{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes

{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes

{ErinOutandAbout} Winter Wishes

Hibernating, as much as I wish it to be true, is not a winter activity. At least not a productive one. I must remember that going outside and doing things in the cold is still enjoyable. I used to love skiing, tobogganing, building snow forts, and making snowmen in the winter.

*side note* I came across this last photo of my Nan and Grandpa out enjoying winter with 3 of their 8 children. Isn't it just lovely?

What are your winter wishes?

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