Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 is so last year,

{ErinOutandAbout} 2017, I got this

Here's my annual Instagram year in review, where I look at my year that was as represented through my favourite insta-shots from each month. 

Each new year I select a theme to focus on rather than setting myself up for failure with resolutions that I know I won't actually hold to. Although each year gets a new word, really I just layer them on to the previous year's word. 2015's theme was 'Explore', 2016's word was 'Joy'. 

I think I did very well at finding, creating, maintaining and spreading that joy. I was much happier this year than last (I think it helped that I did some travelling), but still I feel like there's more to be done.

So that's why I've decided 2017's theme will be 'Passion'.
Focusing on the things that I enjoy doing and creating inspiration through my passion.

{ErinOutandAbout} Instagram Dec, Nov, Oct and Sept

December: Wearing a ballgown and teaching a Victorian dance. Felt like a princess in this dress.
November: Visiting Honest Ed's one last time
October: Another costume, this time for Halloween; Rosie the Riveter.
September: My favourite llama pic from Peru

{ErinOutandAbout} Instagram Aug, Jul, Jun

August: Food from the CNE that actually made it on to Buzzfeed
July: Betty in her life jacket on Lake Champlain, VT
June: Donkey Day at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

{ErinOutandAbout} Instagram May, April, March

May: First day of the season of the Toronto Flower Market
April: Blue Jays baseball game with a gang
March: Checking out the Winter Stations exhibit on The Beaches

{ErinOutandAbout} Instagram Feb, Jan

February: Homemade afternoon tea
January: So hard to pick just one picture from my trip to England, God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow Central, UK

Happy New Year!

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