Monday, 26 December 2016

Hey There, Monday!

This photo is from my first Christmas with this beautiful beast, 7 years ago. We popped out for a bit and came home to the recycling ransacked. No real damage done, but she knew she had done bad. This is one of my most favourite photos ever to exist of my Miss Betty.

Hope you all had a lovely Merry Christmas, if you celebrate, snagged a good deal on Boxing Day, if you're inclined to do so, and enjoying this day off, if you don't work in retail.

Happy Monday!

What lower class Victorians looked like

Presto is now at every subway station. Welcome to London 2003, Toronto!

Sounds of people eating are the worst!

Did Friends ruin it for everyone?

NSFW Vulva art; all are beautiful and normal

Foodstagrammers are changing the world (or at least they way we eat in TO)

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