Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Hey There, Monday!

Wow. It's been...some kinda week. I try to keep polictics out of my social media platforms and I'm not going to start now. With all the world's turmoil going on right now it's important to remember that love tumps all, but only when you love, only when you practice daily kindness, tolerance and acceptance. You don't know you're neighbour's story, just as they don't know yours. All we can do is to be kind and forgive each other and not be ruled by fear and anger.
Now it's time to read through some wonderful internet gems and procrastinate a little bit longer.

Happy Monday!

How to hygge anywear

Duchess of Cornwall and her security detail are badass

What food was popular the year you were born? Mine was Creme Brulee. YUM!

These videos by skullmapping are super cool

Tips for phone interviews

I once had some roommates from Uzbekistan, this blog makes me want to visit!

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