Monday, 7 November 2016

Hey There, Monday

Monday, we have a love/hate relationship, don't we? And yet you keep coming back, no matter how much I'm hating on you. There you are each week, like clock work. You can't seem to quit me. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we are truely sole mates. A relationship started out of antipathy and grew to...nah never mind, I'm not a fan, never will be. Sorry Monday. Here's me avoiding you for a little while longer with some internet reads.

Happy Monday!

5 ways to show your dog you love them

Bathurst Street station Ed-ified

Old statues losing digets, happens more often than you'd think

Tabasco Thrusdays? I could be down!

No, you're beautiful!

How the Victorian home was killing them

The origin of the Toronto street grid

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  1. The death by wallpaper article was interesting! I always crave the simplicity of the olden days but it wasn't really simple at all was it?!

  2. It wasn't at all! Such an interesting time period to study.


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