Monday, 26 September 2016

Monday Musings

Train travel is my favourite type of transportation.

More so than buses or planes or even cars. I find it civilized, glamorous and relaxed. It gets you to your destination fast without the great heights, there's a toilet on board for those in need and it has a mini sense of adventure attached to it for me.

From my train seat, I get a glimpse into the backyards of people's houses  and see town centres over level crossings. From my train seat, I pass through countrysides and enter into cities with their concrete and glass jungle looming over me. I wish I could take the train everywhere.

What's your favourite form of transportation?

Since I'm off gallivanting through South America, the usual 'Hey there, Monday!' is on hiatus. Ironically, I have no time to troll the net for lovely time wasters and Internet reads.

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